Trenčín 2008

Dascania and mum Assia at Trenčín (SK) 27/01/2008


Assia with Silke at Trenčín Assia while being judged, with Silke

...It’s a pity that the photographer missed Dascania and “awoke” when she was already judged...
Both photos: Assia and Silke showing in the ring

BOB Election at TrenčínLeft: Dascania, right: Assia, in the centre: Alex z Letohradského ranče (CZ)- during BOB selection- -
 ... Dascania stood perfect, like a show dog with years of experience ...

Assia relaxes Dascania really cool

Left: Assia, right: Dascania - waiting - as often the most time consuming activity

Dascania at Trenčín heading for the honorary ring

..... now the show goes on . Dascania heading for the honorary ring .....

Dascania with Burkhard in the honorary ring Dascania in the honorary ring

In the honorary ring. Selection of the “Most beautiful young bitch” of the day.

Dascania was selected as one of the eight best young bitches.
... again no photo of her perfect movement; she moves faster than the camera shoots .... Sorry...
It was a successful and amazing show.

Assia in champion class: exc1, CAC, CACIB
Daughter Dascania in the junior class: exc1, CAJC
 She was selected as one of the 8 best junior bitches of the day
 ... wuff!


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